Gerhard Berger Projektmanagement GmbH - Construction site camera in 6K

New building car dealership Porsche Lins in Schlins (Vorarlberg)
Client: Gerhard Berger Project Management GmbH

Time-lapse documentation - Gerhard Berger project management GmbH builds new car dealership in Vorarlberg

our services:

Long time lapse system

1 Time Lapse Camera 6K Helios

Period: 16 months

Full service support


- professional post production in 4K
- Stabilize, correct, and deflicker 6K footage
- various 4K final videos for TV/cinema and social media

Porsche Centre Vorarlberg - Rudi Lins

Gerhard Berger Project Management GmbH builds new Porsche dealership for Rudi Lins in Schlins.

More about the car dealership:


technical and visual advice on installation locations, mounting and dismounting of cameras

6K Helios time lapse camera for outdoor shooting

24/7 monitoring of the cameras by our staff, interface with availability of all data in full resolution

Provision of all data in full resolution