About us - the long term time lapse & construction site camera professionals

Your specialist for full service construction site documentation, construction site camera systems in 2D and REAL 3D, construction site time lapse.

The Fast Motion Team consists of experienced Camera technicians, creative minds, innovative software developers, skilled assemblers, and accomplished back-office personnelwho have everything under control.

Through this interaction and the meanwhile over 20 years experience with time-lapse systems and construction site camera systems, which have already been used in nature films such as ORF Universum, or other international film/cinema productions, and for numerous Documentations with construction site camera systems, both the time-lapse camera systems or construction site cameras, the additional services and the quality of the produced films and videos continue to develop.

We at Fast Motion do not see ourselves as service providers, we see our Customers as partnersTogether with them, we try to make the best possible use of the available funds and to implement the projects in the best possible way. to present in the best light. We are available for consultation throughout the project and can implement many requests and changes remotely, but we are also ready for site-specific changes to site cameras or the like in a timely manner.

How well these partnerships work, is demonstrated for us by the ever-increasing number of satisfied and, above all, returning customers.

And that is what really counts for us!

IKEA drone flying Ferris wheel Prater Vienna
Construction site camera 25 megapixel / 6K mounting Austria, Alps
Construction Site Camera Systems from Fast Motion, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein

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